by Lesley Donaldson-Reid and Doris Chung

$14.95 CAN | Paperback

From Blog to Book
Written by Lesley Donaldson-Reid and Doris Chung
82 Pages  | 5” x 7” | ISBN 9780993690532
Non-Fiction, Motivation & Self-Improvement
Published Spring 2015
Whether you’re a DIY genius, a retail reviewer, or a dabbler in all things social, From Blog to Book gives you the tools to move into the world of publishing.

Why do you want to write a book? Everyone has different reasons and yours is as valid as any author on the shelf or any online retailer. You have a great idea and you’re ready to move to another realm of exposure.The success you’ve experienced with your blog inspired you to create a book. Do you seek the validation of traditional publishing? Are you an expert who wants to share your knowledge in book form? We’ll guide you through the process of taking your blog posts and formatting them into a marketable book with our practical advice and time-saving hints.

Whether you intend your book for a niche market or mass audience, your purchase of From Blog to Book is a great first step towards a new career, revitalized goals and a higher level of success.


Between 12 hour nursing shifts and 24 hour parenting shifts, Lesley redefined herself as an authorpreneur. She’s a lifelong storyteller with degrees in human biology and nursing from the University of Toronto. She’s an extremely proud special needs parent and often companionable wife. Lesley wrote Growing A Rainbow: The Premature Journey of a Two Pound Hero, a fundraising memoir about her son’s birth, three months early. The Queen’s Viper, Book One of The V’Braed Trilogy, is Lesley’s first fiction novel, debuting in the spring of 2015.

Coming from a heritage of graphic designers and book printers, Doris graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design and started Publisher Production Solutions in 2011. She uses her eye for design, knowledge of prepress, and printing to help self-publishing authors bring their books to life. Recently in 2018, Doris founded her own publishing house, PPS Publishing, where she gives a voice to women thought-leaders and entrepreneurs.


“I wish I read this book before I self-published my first one.”

brenda d., writer & author

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