The essential guide to doing it right

by Amanda Cupido
$22.95 CAN | Paperback

LET’S TALK PODCASTING: The Essential Guide to Doing it Right
Written by Amanda Cupido
168 Pages | 8″ x 5″| 978-1-988994-06-2
Publication Date September 18, 2018
Non-Fiction, Reference, Performing Arts, Radio
New to podcasting? Here’s how to do it right. In Let’s Talk Podcasting, seasoned podcast producer Amanda Cupido gives you the inside scoop on this burgeoning industry’s biggest players and — more importantly — how you can join them. Leading with a solid foundation of podcasting’s history and significance in our increasingly content-hungry world, she provides an invaluable insider’s perspective on what makes top-rated podcasts so successful, where the medium is headed in the future, and everything you need to start yourown podcast today. With sharp wit and plenty of illuminating anecdotes from her own foray into podcasting professionally, Cupido has written the book that every podcast aficionado will wish they’d had when they first started out. The perfect blend of insight into the industry and practical advice for beginners, Let’s Talk Podcasting will have you ready to hit record in no time.



Amanda is an award-winning podcast producer and instructor at Seneca College’s School of Media. Previously, she worked as a major market radio producer, reporter and news anchor. Amanda has a Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University and is in the midst of completing her Master of Professional Studies in Psychology of Leadership at Pennsylvania State University.


“Amanda’s approach to storytelling and podcast production is passionate and clear and that comes across in spades in Let’s Talk Podcasting. […] She speaks to you at eye-level and if you have any inkling to create a podcast yourself, you’ll be glad you have her voice in your head and this book in your hand.”

—  PAULA BRANCATI, Producer/Actor, Co-Owner of BrancSeater Productions Inc. 

“Like great radio, a great podcast episode should keep you on the edge of your seat, lost in the conversation; unable to turn it off. Not everyone understands the art of great storytelling, but Amanda Cupido does. Let’s Talk Podcasting is a must read for anyone who wants to keep you at their podcast party.”

—  KYM GEDDES, News Director, NEWSTALK 1010 CFRB

“[…] Along with tips and tricks to mastering the process, I loved the section on how Amanda did it all herself, with personal advice and helpful anecdotes tied to her critical and commercial success in this space. Affordable and portable, I highly recommended Amanda Cupido’s Let’s Talk Podcasting.”

MARC SALTZMAN, Host & Producer of the Tech it Out podcast

“From choosing a format to selecting equipment, creating a script, and promoting your show, Amanda gives you the info you need to get on the air. She brings the same expertise and energy to this book as she does to her classes. You, too, can create a successful podcast!”

BETH AGNEW, Chair, School of Media, Seneca College

“Podcasting is a phenomenal way to target and engage an audience. [Cupido] outlines how to produce content —explore ideas, tell stories and conduct interviews—that can entertain and engage your listeners. Whether you want to promote a brand, launch a business or pursue your passion, the book offers everything you need to know about buying equipment and designing your studio, even if it’s from home.”

jANICE NEIL, Chair, School of Journalism, Ryerson University

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