Shift: 4-Steps to Personal Empowerment

by Adele Spraggon

$24.95 CAN | Paperback

SHIFT: 4-Steps to Personal Empowerment
Written by Adele Spraggon
210 Pages  | 6” x 9” | ISBN 9781988994017
Non-Fiction, Motivation & Self-Improvement
Published Spring 2017

Are you ready for a shift?

Adele Spraggon’s book, SHIFT: 4-Steps to Personal Empowerment, is for those who:

  • desire a change…a SHIFT within themselves to realize real breakthroughs they deserve
  • want more out of life and are ready to take the journey to transformation.

Adele completed her Master’s Degree at the age of 45 and was contemplating a Ph.D when she started to suspect that more education was not what she needed. She decided to go into business, and while she founded three businesses that were all a success, she still felt blocked.

Stumped, Adele turned to her journal and asked for help. Her journal responded with a truly unique and revolutionary process for breaking through leadership blocks. This simple, but powerful 4 step technique gets at the patterns that underlie repetitive, self-defeating behaviour and ultimately busts through the mental blocks that have been holding you back.



Adele Spraggon, CEO, author, and creator of Master Your Genius and Shaped Within, has one role – to show people how to break through their leadership blocks and get the life they want. She calls upon her compassion and deep knowledge of the human condition that she garnered from her Master of Arts in Humanities and her years of experience as a Certified Meditation Facilitator and Kundalini Yoga Instructor in creating her sweeping Evolution of Leadership program.


“I am so impressed […] After so many therapies and counselling sessions that I have had and given, finally something is making so much sense. I have given my life to understanding the human condition and now I feel I know what is going on. “I got it.” I get it so much that I am dancing around the room (literally) […] It really was the best thing I could have gotten — your book that brought it all together. Really, Adelle, a PHD should be done on this. P.S. just listening to BB King singing “these chains that bind me” –appropriate!”

—  Joan birch, online life coach

“It’s empowering, inspiring, ground breaking and transcendent. It’s for people who are ready to become leaders, to be empowered by their own unlimited potential and the potential of those around them. Your work is shifting the paradigm, changing “the model”. As Buckminster Fuller said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

—  Lana Novikova

“What a relief to not be controlled by something outside of me.”

Georgann Gambill

“I saw that my lack of self-expression had followed me my whole life. As I looked at the patterns I started to see that I was raging inside because I felt so powerless and silenced. I kept deconstructing the patterns around this and then something really HUGE started to happen. How do I describe what happened next? Who I am started to shift […] and when I did, everything just started to fall into place.”

Christie Fisher

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